Monday, December 21, 2009

SUNWAY International Manpower Services is posting a Job vacancy online even though there is no real JOB

One of the OFW applicants emailed us (our email address would be found below) for his shit experience with SUNWAY International Manpower Services. He came from Pampanga a remote province from metro Manila. He inquires about the job posting of SUNWAY international in an online overseas jobsite, were he was advices to visit to SUNWAY office for a particular date for his interview.

He traveled from the province to Manila just for the said job opportunity but when he arrived at SUNWAY office, he was really disgusted to know after a very short interview of almost 1 minute by a staff of SUNWAY saying “ah okay, thank you for coming, we will just email or call you if there would be a job vacancy related to your field”.

He really forced to stop his anger while inside and open it to us.

Well, if you think to travel from the province for the invitation for interview and just heard 1 sentence information from the staff, you would explode! Thinking of the money you spent for transportation and documents they required. It’s really terrible. SUNWAY! You are foul!


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