Monday, December 21, 2009

The Bargain of OFW applicants to the foreign workers in MABINI, Manila

I'm so happy one day after being contacted by the SAVE WAY INTERNATIONAL MANPOWER for an interview for Accountant Position – Qatar.

Actually I did not send any application to work abroad through that Agency because I didn’t know about them but because they email me, then I was curious to visit for the interview. I just wondered why they stated that they got my attachment which I remember I have an online resume at which they possibly get my information there online.

Their email is so inviting…

And here it goes…….

From: Save Way International Manpower [mailto: ]
Sent: Saturday, March 21, 2009 1:00 PM
To: ********
Subject: Job Interview for *****************

Dear (undisclosed),

Good Day! We got your attached documents, and we are in need of people for the said position that we posted thru workabroad.

We are now inviting you to visit us for interview on March 23-24, 2009 at 10 am, here is our address Rm. 424 Saveway Intl Manpower Services Room 424 A. Mabini St. Ermita Manila. We are very near in Robinson Mall Pedro Gil. Pls look for Ms. April Quiap.

Pls let us know ASAP if you are coming. Here is our contact number 302-1161 and 302-3498 and mobile number 09297421946 and look for Ms. April..

Kindly bring required documents, passport, NBI, transcript of record if u have, diploma and certificate of employment.

Thank you very much

April Quiap
Saveway Intl Manpower Services
Ermita Manila, Philippines
Tel#: (+63) 2-3023498; 3021161
Fax#: (+63) 2-3382043
If you could see that kind of email, then you may think ohhh!! I will go there. It’s a big surprised when I arrived at their build which their elevator is about to retired. It don’t even close and the operator will need to pull it up to close manually, then when I goes up or down, your fear is “ Oh I hope this will not break on the way and fall us all down”.

I reached the SAVE WAY but unsave. Why? Because they are bargaining people to their employer. Beware. Do not go there or give your original documents because they are greed to own you. They will never return it back to you. Think of it is your own confidential personal document but after you withdraw from applying the position they offer with a very low salary, they will keep your document under their table and never return it back to you as what I experienced.

So be careful, SAVE WAY INTERNATIONAL MANPOWER SERVICES is not recommended! They are a messed!


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