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18 December 2009

Department of Health (DOH)
Tel. No. loc. 1125/1126; 743-6393;
743-1829 TF

Dear Dr. Duque;

I am an OFW who had been undergone through a medical examination for Employment abroad at SAN MARCELINO MEDICAL CLINIC, with address at No. 2118 Leon Guinto St., Malate, Manila last July 03, 2009 as a preliminary VISA requirement for Qatar.

I want to bring out this issue to your good office and hoping it would be given necessary action since the above mentioned clinic has its accreditation from your office.

During the Medical Examination process, The Dentist named “Dr. Vangie” checked my teeth and recommend for OP (Oral Prophylaxis) and “Teeth-Pasta” for my 4 upper teeth around 11:50 AM and advice me to have my lunch first then I need to go back at 1:00PM for the OP and “Teeth-pasta” . When I came back it is not Dr. Vangie who works for the Oral Prophylaxis but Dr. Mae / Dr. Mae Orbegoso. She cleaned my teeth and I was surprise when she starts boring my upper teeth. I ask her why, as what I knew, I have no cavity, I never suffered tooth ache since birth, but she said, I could not see it but I do really need it so I just obey to her advice because I trust her and to her profession because she know better than me when it comes to dental matters.

While she is boring my right upper teeth, it seems that the tool she used to bore accidentally pushed deeper which I shouted for so much pain, I could feel it bleeding. It happened again in the right upper teeth but not much as painful as what had happened on the left. I suffered for 3 days which I could not really eat my regular meal. I could only drink milk and soft cooked rice “lugaw” because I could not chew any food. Every time when I start to chew, I could fell like my whole bones is moving, a strange feeling which I could not understand “NGEELOO” and it bothered me much so I came back to the clinic after 3 days and Dr. Mae make some adjustment for my teeth. I still suffer the same for another 5 days so I came back again and she replaced the “Teeth-Pasta” with another one and I fell lesser pain in the upper right portion, that point I could start chewing soft cooked meat and soft rice with less suffering of “Ngeelooo” and she said it’s alright I will just have to wait for 3 months and the teeth will turn back to normal. The left portion still so “ngeeloo” when I chew so I just let it that way for my expectation that after 3 months it will turn back to normal but until now there is no development for better. My teeth didn’t turn back to normal, I could not chew well, and I could not eat hard food.

Its more than 5 months now (December 18, 2009) but I could not still eat well. It affects me much. I could not eat the food I used to eat before; the “Ngeelooo” is still there. I am getting thin and it lost my appetite because if I will eat I would feel tired chewing using my right portion teeth only and it feels a bit painful if I will keep using it. I am aware that if I won’t chew the food very well, it could cause future problems for my digestions. The effect of their Oral Prophylaxis and Teeth-pasta done by Dr. Mae is really bad to my health. I could not be as healthy as I am before.

I don’t want to conclude but I care for all OFW who undergone their medical examination in such clinic because they did the same procedure to other OFWs; my sister who is in Taiwan now encountered the same. They advice my sister for oral prophylaxis and teeth-pasta with them but I stop my sister from having their Oral prophylaxis and Teeth-pasta services and advice her to visit and consult other dental clinic and the comment of the other dentist is; they could not make any teeth-Pasta because my sister’s teeth doesn’t have any cavity and they need to bore the teeth just to do it. I don’t want to make a negative conclusion for the aforementioned medical clinic but it seems that they do it just for money and money purposes only and I could not let this to keep happening to all OFW of what I have suffered now.

I have an attached document containing the San Marcelino Medical Clinic information.


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