Monday, December 21, 2009


An EX-OFW Accountant who were making a walked in submission of application for FIRST MAGELLAN Accountant Job opportunities for Papua New Guinea was really disgusted after travelling in a heavy traffic highway of Manila then were just advised to go home by an information center staff by saying “Sorry , that job has been filled out recently”.

The applicant could not believe that that job would be filled out after a matter of hours when it was posted at an online job site. It was posted April 14, 2009 and he visited the office of First Magellan on the following day and got that sad reply. The vacancy is looking for 50 Accountants for Papua New Guinea. An Australian owned Construction Company who wants to hire Filipino Accountants.

Because of his doubt of the information staff, He go home and call the FIRST MAGELLAN and got a nice reply saying, oh, We madly need Accountant Applicants because the Australian Employer is coming very soon to conduct an interview. With that positive reply, he feels very happy for his long time desire to work in Papua New Guinea or Australia.

My comment to the Management of First Magellan, is Please check you Information staff whether she is doing her job or tired and want to rest.

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