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Friday, August 25, 2017

Racist Canadian Woman Viral for Harassing Elderly Filipino Couple in Canada

Racist Canadian woman in action, other Canadian passengers defended the Filipino couple
Racist Canadian woman in action, other Canadian passengers defended the Filipino couple. Photo:

Metro Vancouver Transit Police is now investigating the case of a viral video showing a racist 75-year-old Westminster woman verbally abusing an elderly couple from the Philippines on the SkyTrain.

The incident happened on the Millennium Line on Aug. 21 between the stations Sperling/Burnaby Lake and Brentwood Town Centre in Vancouver, Canada, The Georgia Straight reported. The authorities have now launched an investigation after a review of the video “determined that the aggressor in this situation had used profane and racially slanted language toward the elderly couple.”

The racial tirade of the woman began after hearing the elderly Filipino couple speaking Tagalog.

According to Paula Correa, the witness who managed to catch some of the incident on video, the racist woman interrupted the elderly couple’s conversation after hearing them speak in Tagalog and told them to be quiet, Global News reported.

The tirade eventually led the unnamed woman to telling the Filipino couple to, “go back to the f—ing Philippines,” and further telling them, “If you decide to live in this country, you should learn how to speak English.”

Video: Racist Canadian woman in action, other Canadian passengers defended the Filipino couple. Photo:

Interestingly enough, most Filipinos are actually bilingual. English is one of the two commonly used and official language in the Philippines alongside the country’s national dialect, Tagalog.

“We speak both English and Tagalog or whatever dialect we speak. It’s ridiculous how ignorant people are. The couple was replying to [her] perfectly well in English,” Correa said.

Many people joined in to defend the elderly couple. One man tried to defend them but the racist woman switched her aggression towards him and assaulted him verbally as well.

The woman cursed at the couple right before leaving the train, Correa said. And some people even heard her yelling after the door closed.

The unnamed woman, according to the news released by the authorities, is known to the police for having anger-related issues.  Read more at NextShark

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Death Execution just Suspended: Why Mary Jane Veloso got last-minute reprieve

Null  Widodo said Mary Jane Veloso's execution is just postponed. - image:

Why Mary Jane Veloso got last-minute reprieve 

by Nick Perry, Agence France-Presse Posted at 04/29/2015 3:18 AM | Updated as of 04/29/2015 5:00 AM

Indonesia early Wednesday executed eight drug convicts, including two Australians, by firing squad but a Filipina was spared at the 11th hour, local reports said.

Defying a firestorm of international criticism and heartrending pleas by relatives, authorities put the seven foreigners and a local man to death after midnight Tuesday (1700 GMT), the reports said.

However the Filipina, Mary Jane Veloso, was spared after someone suspected of recruiting her and tricking her into carrying drugs to Indonesia turned herself in to authorities in the Philippines, MetroTV and the Jakarta Post reported.

Eight convicts -- two Australians, one from Brazil and four from Africa, as well as the Indonesian -- were put to death on the high-security prison island of Nusakambangan, the reports said.

In Indonesian executions, convicts are led to clearings just after midnight, tied to posts and then giving the option of kneeling, standing or sitting before being executed by 12-man firing squads.

President Joko Widodo has been a vocal supporter of the death penalty for drug traffickers, claiming Indonesia is facing an emergency due to rising narcotics use.

He has turned a deaf ear to appeals from the international community led by United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon.

In an 11th hour bid to stop the executions, the European Union, Australia and France warned in a joint statement late Tuesday the move would have an "impact on Indonesia's position in the world and its international reputation".

Anguished visits

In the hours before the convicts were put to death, there was a flurry of activity as ambulances carried coffins to the island, and relatives made final anguished visits to their loved ones.

Relatives of Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan, the Australian ringleaders of the so-called "Bali Nine" heroin trafficking group, wailed in grief as they headed to the island, and one relative collapsed amid a huge scrum of journalists.

"I am asking the government not to kill him. Call off the execution. Please don't take my son," said Sukumaran's mother Raji, in a tearful plea after visiting him.

Chan, who like Sukumaran is in his 30s, married his Indonesian girlfriend in a jailhouse ceremony with family and friends on Nusakambangan on Monday, his final wish.

The news of the temporary reprieve for Veloso, who claims she was duped into smuggling drugs into Indonesia by international drugs syndicates, comes after a huge campaign to save her in the Philippines.

President Benigno Aquino had urged Widodo on the sidelines of a summit this week to grant her clemency.

'Unspeakable grief'

Australia had mounted a sustained campaign to save its citizens, who have been on death row for almost a decade.

Ahead of the executions, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop Tuesday criticised Indonesia's "chaotic" handling of the execution arrangements.

The families "do deserve respect and they do deserve to have dignity shown to them at this time of unspeakable grief", she told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

In Sydney late Tuesday about 300 supporters of the Australian pair held a vigil, with several people displaying signs calling for the Indonesian president to show mercy.

The execution of the Brazilian convict, Rodrigo Gularte, has also generated much criticism in his homeland, with his family saying he should not face the firing squad as he has been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Three of the African traffickers are confirmed as being from Nigeria. However it is not clear whether the fourth holds Ghanaian or Nigerian nationality.

A Frenchman was originally among the group set to be executed but was granted a temporary reprieve after authorities agreed to allow an outstanding legal appeal to run its course.

Jakarta executed six drug convicts, including five foreigners, in January sparking an international storm as Brazil and the Netherlands -- whose citizens were among those put to death -- recalled their ambassadors.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

POEA Launching online appointment system exit clearance or overseas employment certificate (OEC)

Click the link below to apply OEC online

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) will launch tomorrow an online appointment system for "balik manggagawa" - to allow overseas Filipino workers (OFW) vacationing in the country to process documents via Internet.

POEA Administrator Hans Leo Cacdac, in a statement, said the online appointment system is an option for vacationing overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to set an appointment with POEA for the processing of their exit clearance or overseas employment certificate (OEC).

The system, according to Cacdac, was developed for the convenience of returning workers who have limited time to spend with their families during their stay in the country specially this coming holiday season.

Cacdac advised OFWs to use the appointment system which is free and available by logging on at  particularly during the peak months of March, April, May, November, December, and January when the bulk of OFWs return home for vacation.

While encouraging the use of the system, Cacdac explained that the POEA has not totally scrapped its facility for walk-in clients.

"We are just starting out with the system and we believe that OFWs without access to internet would still prefer getting their OEC the usual way without setting an appointment with us," Cacdac said.

The POEA has put up counters at its main office in Mandaluyong City, Duty Free Philippines in Parañaque City and SM Manila to accommodate those who choose to get their exit clearance at a specific date and time.

Cacdac emphasized that the documentary requirements for those using the appointment system and walk-in processing are the same: 

1) passport valid for six months from time of departure; 

2) valid working visa/work permit: 

3) proof of employment such as certificate of employment, company ID, pay slip, and other equivalent document.

Returning workers have to pay 100 for POEA processing fee; $25 or its peso equivalent for OWWA contribution on a per contract coverage; 1,200 for one year PhilHealth coverage; and a minimum of 100 contribution to Pag-ibig Fund, Cacdac added.

Fees Summary

  • Processing Fee ₱100.00
  • OWWA contribution on a per contract ($25) Depending on the Value of Dollars
  • PhilHealth coverage ($25) 1,200.00
  • Pag-ibig Fund contribution 100.00   

An approximate total of 2,600.00   

Cacdac said OFWs may also get their exit clearance or OEC at the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) nearest their jobsite before their departure to the Philippines, or at the POEA regional offices while they are in their respective provinces.

Click the link below to apply OEC online

Philippines Iinformation Agency

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Philippines now ratify UN - ILO not just for Filipinos but for 100 Million DH worldwide

The Philippines is the Chairman for the UN International Labor Organization (ILO) who finalized last year, ratified to come into force by 2013

NEW YORK, Sept 6, (UN News Center): A United Nations treaty which provides a set of international standards to improve the lives of millions of domestic workers worldwide has now been ratified by a second Member State, the Philippines, allowing it to come into force by 2013.

The Convention on Domestic Workers, that seeks to protect domestic workers around the world, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said which states that workers around the world who care for families and households must have the same basic labor rights as other employees, was adopted at the annual conference of the UN International Labor Organization (ILO) last year in Geneva.

To enter into force, however, the Convention required ratification by two countries. In June, Uruguay became the first country to ratify it.

The Philippines is the second country after Uruguay to ratify the measure, a move seen as a "significant milestone in the protection of migrant domestic workers," the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said.


"Today's ratification by the Philippines sends a powerful signal to the millions of domestic workers who will be protected when the Convention comes into force," said ILO's Director-General, Juan So-mavia. "I hope it will also send a signal to other Member States and that we will soon see more and more countries committing to protect the rights of domestic workers."

Ambassador Evan Garcia, the country's permanent representative to the United Nations in Geneva, on Wednesday formalized the Philippines' ratification of the International Labor Organization (ILO) Convention 189, or the Convention on Decent Work for Domestic Workers.

More than 150,000 Filipinos work as household help in different parts of the world, particularly the Middle East, Europe and North America which sets to be phase out by 2015 which means the move for the Philippines it not focuses for the welfare for Filipino Domestic Workers but to all the Domestic Workers around the world.

There are around 53 million domestic workers worldwide but experts put the total number at 100 million as this kind of work is often unregistered, according to recent ILO estimates.

The ILO convention seeks to provide equal protection to domestic workers, assuring decent pay, work conditions and other benefits.

The convention stipulates standards that would ensure that domestic workers are treated with "the same respect, dignity and protection given to other workers," Hernandez said.

Recent ILO estimates based on national surveys or censuses in 117 countries place the number of domestic workers at a minimum of 53 million, but experts say there could be as many as 100 million across the world.

In developing countries, they make up at least four to 12 percent of those in wage employment, and around 83 per cent of them are women, many of whom are migrant workers.

"The new standard covers all domestic workers and provides for special measures to protect those workers who, because of their young age or nationality or live-in status, may be exposed to additional risks," ILO said in a news release.

The Convention also states that domestic workers must have the rights to reasonable working hours, weekly rest of at least 24 consecutive hours, a limit on in-kind payments and clear information on terms and conditions of their employment, as well as the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining.

The Philippine Congress, meanwhile, is discussing various pending measures that would implement the Convention's provisions in the country.

The ILO said the treaty would extend standards to a group which continues to be poorly regulated and remains largely part of the informal sector.

The convention lists basic rights for domestic workers, including reasonable working hours, weekly rest of at least 24 consecutive hours, a limit on in-kind payment, clear information on terms and conditions of employment, and respect for fundamental principles and rights at work, including freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.

The convention, finalized last year by an ILO committee that the Philippine labor department chaired, will come into force in the Philippines by 2013, the DFA said.

President Aquino signed the convention's ratification earlier this year.

On August 6, the Senate approved on third reading the resolution concurring the ratification of the convention with 20 votes.

In a statement, Somavia said the Philippine ratification of the treaty "sends a powerful signal to the millions of domestic workers who will be protected when the convention comes into force."

Somavia said he was hoping to see more and more countries committing to protect the rights of domestic workers.

So far, No major migrant-receiving country, however, has ratified the convention, noted Migrante International, an organization of overseas Filipino workers.

Monday, July 16, 2012

The fuel for the Philippines as the Shining pearl to global investors

Taking a look of the millions of Filipino Professionals who are not hesitant to accept jobs lower from their level of educational attainment, or other Filipinos who landed the match job of their profession makes the Philippines as a funnel from hard working people overseas to build the Economy. They are the legion of  Philippine Economy Army; the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW)

Eileen Alcala, cashier in the Upper Crust sandwich shop in Singapore, is a member of the legion of Philippine Economy Army and one reason the Philippines is suddenly looking like a rare investment bright spot after years as one of Asia's persistent laggards.

Put off by tough competition for jobs in Manila, the 24-year-old graduate in hotel and restaurant management left the Philippine capital for Singapore two months ago and now sends over half her monthly pay – about S$500 ($394) – back home.

Taking a look at a professional who landed a job abroad match to his educational discipline; Denis Somoso, an International Taxation Specialist and Accountant of a World Leading Design and Engineering & Construction Firm in South Korea, 32 year old bachelor graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy in MTIM Iligan City left the Philippines for South Korea, given a good benefits from the company rented studio type apartment, free transportation,  food and cost of living allowance,  two and a half year ago and for the past 2 years sending 95% of his monthly pay – about Krw 2,550,000 ($ 2,200.00 USD) – back home.

Numbers like these highlight steady growth in remittances from the Philippine diaspora – and help explain why the, Standard & Poor's became the latest rating agency to upgrade the Philippines, to BB+. That is the country's highest grade for nine years and one notch below investment grade.

The move reflected the Philippines' strengthening external position, with OFW remittances and an expanding service export sector continuing to drive current account surpluses", S&P said.

Foreign reserves of $76 Billion as of May exceed the country's external debt of $63 Billion. Inflation is below 3.5 per cent and gross domestic product growth, driven by robust electronic exports, is forecast by the government at 5-6 per cent this year.

At a time when many economies are struggling, the Philippines is among only 10 sovereigns in the world with positive outlooks, notes Barclays.

Investors are taking note. Philippine share prices are up a quarter since the start of the year, making Manila the world's fourth-best performing equities market on expectations that the country will win investment-grade credit status by next year.

Indeed, since January 2012 foreign investors have pumped $1.8 Billion into the market, according to Bloomberg, a 265 per cent increase on the same month a year ago.

A "public-private partnership program" (PPP) launched six months ago to overcome infrastructure bottlenecks has not only attracted foreign interest but is boosting the shares of companies seen likely to benefit from government contracts, such as Ayala and Metro Pacific Investment.

"The government is much focused on accelerating the PPP program," said Prakriti Sofat, regional economist at Barclays in Singapore.

Laggards on the exchange have been companies with broader exposure to the economy, such as Philippine Airlines and Manila Electric. Still, constituents in the stock market index are trading on an average price/earnings multiple of 18 times. That compares with 20 times for the Jakarta index and 15.6 times for the Kuala Lumpur index.

The yield on the country's benchmark 10-year government bond, meanwhile, is at 5.8 per cent, down from 6.5 per cent this time a year ago. That compares with a yield on comparable Indonesian debt of 6.1 per cent, against 7.3 per cent a year ago.

Hans Sicat, chief executive of the Philippine Stock Exchange, predicts funds raised through company listings and secondary activity will hit 107 Billion Pesos ($2.6 Billion US Dollars) this year.

Yet investors may be glossing over the risk that the two-year-old administration of President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino may take time to deliver.

"Investors are so bullish, they are forgiving many of the country's structural sins," says Luz Lorenzo, economist at Maybank ATR Kim Eng group.

The Aquino administration's gains in lowering the budget deficit were achieved mainly through lower government spending, which fell as a proportion of GDP to 16 per cent last year, from 17.7 per cent in 2009.

A clampdown on tax evasion has resulted in the filing of scores of complaints against suspected tax evaders. Yet, actual tax collection as a proportion of GDP has barely moved, up from 12.1 per cent in 2010 to 12.3 per cent last year, according to the central bank.

The government's tax take is being eroded by a series of exemptions approved by the former president but Mr. Aquino does get credit for a planned new tax on cigarettes and liquor – so-called "sin taxes". Rogier van den Brink, a World Bank economist, says: "They are closing the net on tax collection."

Poor implementation has plagued previous reform efforts, and analysts warn this is still an issue. "I remind [clients] how it went with power privatization. The law was passed in 2001 but the first assets were sold in 2004, and it was only in 2007 that the process really took off," Ms Lorenzo said.

Still, investing has become easier after exchange trading hours were extended in January from a previous lunchtime close to 3.30pm.

A rule forcing listed companies to have a minimum 10 per cent float by the end of this year has prompted a flurry of secondary market activity. That has spurred foreign participation, which accounts for 38 per cent of the market, says Mr. Sicat. "What we're seeing is a very strong local bid, which is helping improve confidence for anyone who is coming in from the outside."

Monday, June 18, 2012

Philippine Lawmaker filled a bill to fine $50 Dollars all OFW Filipinos leaving to work abroad

A proposed law Bill No. 6195 has been filed by Manila lawmaker Ma. Theresa Bonoan-David aimed at generating funds for the repatriation program of troubled Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW)s, but the funds will be collected from them.

The bill, which seeks to amend Republic Act 8042 or the Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act of 1995, provides that for every worker recruited or deployed overseas, recruitment agency or its employer, in addition to the obligation to repatriate its workers shall contribute $50 to OWWA's Emergency Repatriation Fund.

The House measure provides that for every worker recruited or deployed overseas, the recruitment agency or its employer shall contribute $50 to Owwa's Emergency Repatriation Fund.

 "The bill intends to provide the necessary measures for the government to carry out its responsibilities to assist distressed OFWs in cases of war, epidemic, disaster or calamities, natural or man-made, and other similar events, and promote their general welfare," said Bonoan-David.

RA 8042 has already created and established an Emergency Repatriation Fund under the administration, control and supervision of OWWA with an initial funding of P1 million.

"There are millions of OFWs all over the world which the Philippine government is mandated to protect and safeguard under RA 8042 but it seems incapable to efficiently help distressed OFWs due to financial constraints," said Bonoan-David.

Under the bill, distressed OFWs can be repatriated during wars, epidemics, disasters or calamities, natural or man-made, and other similar events.

The bill will also establish and maintain an up-to-date database and locator system of OFWs for their repatriation, as well as the necessary disaster preparedness and mitigation measures

OFWs opposed for the no-knowledge law maker for 13 billion OFW fund

The overseas Filipino workers' group Migrante-Middle East is opposed to a legislator's proposal to collect an additional $50 fee from every departing OFW to help sustain the government's emergency repatriation fund under the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA). 

Migrante-Middle East regional coordinator John Leonard Monterona said that Manila Rep. Ma. Theresa Bonoan-David's proposal "is ill advised."

"She may be misinformed because the issue is not about lack of funds," Monterona said in a statement issued on Saturday.

According to him, the OFW trust fund under OWWA is now about 13 billion and is earning. However, the OWWA allegedly does not have enough programs and welfare services to OFWs and their dependents.

"The OWWA has not been transparent on the real status of the OFWs trust fund and where it is being spent," Monterona said.

He claimed that Bonoan-David's proposal "is clearly anti-OFW" because it would just be an added burden to Filipino migrant workers. Monterona also said that it is against the mandate of Republic Act 10022 or the Migrant Workers Act of 2010.

"Instead of imposing additional fees or charges upon our heavy shoulders, considering the huge contribution of OFWs in terms of yearly remittances posting to $1.7-B on April 3 to 4 percentage point higher than the same month of last year, Rep. Bonoan-David must give up and volunteer to channel her millions of pork barrel allocation to OWWA's emergency repatriation fund," Monterona said.

Migrante hopes that Vice President Jejomar Binay, presidential adviser on OFWs concern, will defend the interest of Filipino migrant workers.

"We hope that....[he] is on our side as we have heard him several times issuing statements against additional unnecessary fees and charges overburdening our OFWs," Monterona said.

MIGRANTE International scored a lawmaker's proposal to require overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) to pay $50 or around 2,100 as contribution to the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (Owwa) Emergency Repatriation Fund before leaving the country.

Who to blame for the OFW Philippine Economy Army (PEA) exodus?

The Philippines have already suffered for the highest unemployment rate of 6.9% as of April 2012 lower than the previous years with the 94 Million people living within the country.

Counting the more than 10 Million Filipinos working abroad as jobless if they remain in the country, it would sum up to approximately 17 Million Filipino jobless or 18% unemployment rate of the country which might lead to the collapse of the Philippines.

The Philippine Government just failed to address the need of the people resulting to the exodus to find a living outside the country.

The exodus also give a better effect to the Philippines economy as it help the Philippines afloat in spite of the US and European financial crisis as the Filipinos working abroad keep on supporting their family and relatives in the Philippines which accounted $1.7 Billion USD in the month of April 2012 alone which grew 5.3% year on year.

The Overseas Filipino Workers or OFW has been praised and named as the Modern Day Heroes or "Bayani in Filipino term" for helping the Philippines to survive from the global financial crisis.

In fact, International economist named the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) as Philippine Economy Army (PEA) as the Philippines had been so dependent on the OFW Remittances for the foreign currency needs of the country as its export earnings could not sustain the needs for the demand of Dollars.

OFW tried to survive even in the midst of turmoil in their host countries particularly in the Middle East, a home of Millions of Filipinos investing their lives just to support the needs of their family back home.

The Anti OFW bill of Manila lawmaker Ma. Theresa Bonoan-David is an act of shameless jealous to the OFW after helping the country to survive, they would be penalized for leaving the country.

Many OFW criticized this law maker as selfish, inggitera at "Walang utang Na loob" for the proposed additional $50 US Dollar fine for leaving the country to work abroad.

Pagkatapos makikinabang ang Pilipinas sa pinag hirapan namin na kahit mahirap at mapanganib ay hinarap namin, kahit parang si kamatayan ay halos nasa tabi na namin pinilit namin, ibinubuwis namin ang buhay namin mapakain lang ang pamilya naming naiwan sa Pilipinas dahil walang trabaho sa Pilipinas at iyon ay dahil sa kapalpakan ng govyerno tapos ngayon pag multahin kami, pag bayarin kami ng $50 Dollars kasi lalabas kami para makapag hanap ng trabaho? Bakit lalabas ba kami kung may trabaho diyan? decried by many OFWs.

read more in OFW Forum

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Filipinos "Noynoying" are huge destruction of the entire Philippines & OFWs abroad

Noynoying mockery is a destruction with harder and more disparaging effect than Fukushima earthquake in Japan

Point of view taken from the communist of Manila Bulletin from an economist, political analyst and businessman Andrew James Masigan, and from an independent writer, an international economist & OFW Denis Somoso.

Noynoying has going viral on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr which have its own Wikipedia page now and are images of President Aquino in various poses appearing dumbfounded, bored and confused. Beneath it is the caption, "Noynoying", a new term coined to denote one overcome by sloth, one who is intellectually challenged, or one pretending to be busy.

Mr. Masigan; an economist, political analyst said "I'm not sure if those spreading "Noynoying" images on the Net are aware of how much damage they are causing the country. In their minds, it is an amusing anti-Noynoy campaign. But in reality, it is like washing dirty linen in public". Whether we like it or not, the President is the embodiment of the nation's abilities and aspirations, at least in as far as the international community is concerned. Having images of "Noynoying" plastered on the Internet for the world to scoff at is like mocking our own competencies as a race and enjoining the world to follow the bash-fest. It is careless, irresponsible and the height of being anti-Filipino. It's disappointing that partisan politics, insular thinking and crab mentality are getting the best of the Filipinos again.

A self destruction is a suicidal and the sad thing is the negative effect of this is for the majority of Filipinos who approved the competency of the sitting president to uplift the country's economy and improve the living of the masses but a few are destroying the country's image that could affect the entire Filipinos around the world.

It is really unfortunate that this "Noynoying" nonsense has gone viral at a time when the country is just on the brink of turning its image around.

For the first time in 15 years, global financial institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the World Economic Forum, JETRO, etc., are finally taking notice of the advances made in the economy of the Philippines and how we've managed to maintain one of the strongest economic fundamentals in the region, despite the financial turmoil in Europe and the Americas. From the "sick man of Asia," we are now being regarded as a real economic contender.

In the midst of all this, our very own kababayans are the first to shoot us down; hence, the disappointment among many. To me, they are saboteurs who mock the efforts of all those making great sacrifices to put our country back on the road to recovery.

Unrealistic viral mass destruction

Mr. Masigan said; "I am by no means close to the President, but have been observing both his work ethics and thinking processes for some time now. If I were to describe his working style, two adjectives come to mind: thorough and stern. Ethically, I see him as being truly sincere in his quest to restore good governance in our institutions—a mission he pursues with the stubbornness of a pit bull. These are my personal impressions and I'm just calling it as I see it".

Lest anyone think that I am in any way connected with the Palace, let me clear the air and affirm that I am not attached to government in any way, shape or form. In fact, people close to me know that I supported another candidate in the 2010 Presidential campaign. I am no one's minion and I don't "kiss ass." My writing proves that I never hold back in speaking up when I think certain government policies are out of line.

Having said this, I believe that the "Noynoying" campaign and the connotations attached to it are both inaccurate and unfair. I hold the Palace's Communications group responsible for the mismanagement of the President's image on two counts.

First, they failed to "sell" the President for his strong points—his integrity, meticulous nature and vision for a morally upright government. From where I sit, it appears that they spend the lion's share of their time and resources defending the President's every move and those of his cabinet's rather than going on a media offensive to give the public reason to be proud of their Chief Executive.

Second, and more critically, the vision of the Aquino Government has not been clearly communicated to the public even after 20 months in office. Having a broad-based buy-in on a Chief Executive's vision is as much a basic foundation in government as it is in a private corporation.

What the Communications group fails to realize is that if they don't make "noise" on the President's vision and progress towards achieving it, only the noisy "Noynoying" side is heard.

There is much good news to tell. It's time the Communications group amps up its efforts.

Let the Numbers Speak

As for me, I couldn't care less whether or not our President is a genius or works himself until he's blue in the face. What's important to me is that he delivers results. What I care about is his competence in steering the economy and the speed by which he solves our greater problems of poverty and unemployment.

What people may not realize is that the economy is in a far healthier state today than it ever was in the last 15 years. As an economist and businessman, I can't complain about our progress. True, much still needs to be done, but we have certainly come a long way in improving the country's fundamentals.

For those who missed my economic round-up on this space last week, let me give you a brief summary of where we stand—then you be the judge.

The economy grew by a slow 3.7 percent last year on the back of weak government spending. This is probably the reason some people think P-Noy isn't making much impact on the economy. However, what they may not realize is that the greater part of 2011 was spent reviewing workflows of line agencies to purge them from loopholes that allow corruption to occur. It was an investment in self-improvement—something we had to go through to move forward with stronger institutions. Unfortunately, the Palace's Communications group did not explain this well enough.

For the most part, the purging process ended last October and massive spending ensued beginning the first quarter this year (again, this was not communicated). Fact is, as early as February this year, 91 percent of CAPEX (capital expenditures) budget appropriations amounting to R150 billion have already been released by the DBM to various line agencies. As a result, we expect robust growth this year, with more aggressive spending on infrastructure and social development projects. Sec. Paderanga of NEDA estimates a GDP expansion of between 5 to 6 percent, while Sec. Domingo of the DTI is more aggressive, predicting 7 percent growth assuming the DOTC delivers on its infrastructure projects. These are good numbers by any means of measure.

On the fiscal side, gross international reserves or the amount of gold and foreign exchange in our treasury stood at a record high last February with US$77.4 billion—US$15 billion more than our external debt. Inflation is better than target, standing at only 3.9 percent in January and 2.7 percent in February. National revenues are up, increasing by 13 percent last year without the benefit of new taxes. Balance of payment was in surplus territory, registering net inflows of US$10 billion last year and US$800 last January. Fiscal deficits greatly improved as well, from 3.5 percent of GDP in 2010 to just two percent in 2011. The banking sector is healthier than ever, with Non-Performing Loans (NPL) ratio of only 3.1 percent and Capital Adequacy Ratio at a healthy 17.4 percent.

All these point to another credit rating upgrade by international credit rating agencies Moody's, Fitch and Standard & Poors. To Juan dela Cruz, this means more jobs as investors are bound to respond positively to a credit rating upgrade. It also means more liquidity for government to spend on social projects, as savings will be generated on interest expenses.

As for industry, government is headstrong in developing the Tourism, BPO and Agro-processing industries as our top foreign exchange earners and job generators. Last year, 1.2 million new jobs were put online, 200,000 more than target. Trends suggest 1.5 million new jobs every year until 2016.

The numbers on our "Economic Report Card" speak for themselves, and something like this cannot be achieved by a lazy, intellectually challenged Chief Executive. This is why I stand in the President's defense on this score.

The People power and the Laws for self destroyer

People power is famous for regaining back the democracy of the country back 1986 EDSA revolution. The Philippines regains its democracy and freedom by the power of the people or the majority Filipinos which every Filipino is responsible in protecting the democracy and use it in the proper way not against the neighbor, the family, the country and not against the entre country.

The leniency of freedom in the Philippines is already abused by the few and self destruction or own country is also a crime or destroying own country is no difference from terrorism and bomb explosions that killed thousands of the masses.

Empowering the people as the most powerful body of the country; a law must be passed to punish the people who are destroying the country for their own interest. A freedom of expression would not be violated if it will not harm the majority Filipinos.

Noynoying is not just a mockery of the few to the sitting president but destruction to the whole Filipinos around the world. If Noynoying will affect only the the sitting president then there could be no issue on it for him to be more assertive but if the Noynoying is becoming viral and destroying the Philippines then it is the time to punish the criminals.

Do not click to Stop destruction

The destruction of Noynoying mockery to the Philippines President is even harder than the destruction of the Fukushima in Japan as the viral destruction will slowly eroding the Philippines credibility, the effect of the OFW in finding jobs, and the effect of all Filipinos as a whole that 1 day soon no one will accept Filipinos to avoid Noynoying habit which is far from the truth.

One day soon; these activist would realize that even them would be fired from their job or could not find a job anymore because of the noynoying habit that is tagged in their race as Filipino.

The brainless activist is trying to destroy not just the country but even themselves.

One day soon no more OFW will save the Philippines economy for a possible bullying and abuse from other host country because of the tagged "noynoying" to the entire Filipino race.

Its time to punish the destroyer and be responsible internet netizen. The destruction of the Filipino credibility is a betrayal to his won country and must face the people of the Philippines, must be sanction and must be jail.

Getting viral of a certain website or image is an effect of a click or searching of a particular topic or image online or posting it in any social network and gaining more clicks.

Your clicks is a virus that send signals to the giant search engines that such topic or image is getting famous. The concept is when a certain issue is click by many, it will create traffic in the information superhighway and it will infect other traffic resulting to become a top issue in the search engine.

Every click will create a viral effect to the online world so to avoid the viral topic, ignore it. Do not read about the issue, do not click and do not search about the issue so the spreading viral effect will stop.

Andrew James Masigan is an economist, political analyst and businessman. He is a 20-year veteran in the hospitality and tourism industry. For comments and reactions, e-mail andrew_rs6@ Follow Andrew on Twitter @aj_masigan. Denis Somoso is an International Taxation Specialist of the fortune 100 firm 2012, an economist, SEO, and Overseas Filipino Worker.  Follow Denis on twitter @Prince_Denison

Monday, December 21, 2009



18 December 2009

Department of Health (DOH)
Tel. No. loc. 1125/1126; 743-6393;
743-1829 TF

Dear Dr. Duque;

I am an OFW who had been undergone through a medical examination for Employment abroad at SAN MARCELINO MEDICAL CLINIC, with address at No. 2118 Leon Guinto St., Malate, Manila last July 03, 2009 as a preliminary VISA requirement for Qatar.

I want to bring out this issue to your good office and hoping it would be given necessary action since the above mentioned clinic has its accreditation from your office.

During the Medical Examination process, The Dentist named “Dr. Vangie” checked my teeth and recommend for OP (Oral Prophylaxis) and “Teeth-Pasta” for my 4 upper teeth around 11:50 AM and advice me to have my lunch first then I need to go back at 1:00PM for the OP and “Teeth-pasta” . When I came back it is not Dr. Vangie who works for the Oral Prophylaxis but Dr. Mae / Dr. Mae Orbegoso. She cleaned my teeth and I was surprise when she starts boring my upper teeth. I ask her why, as what I knew, I have no cavity, I never suffered tooth ache since birth, but she said, I could not see it but I do really need it so I just obey to her advice because I trust her and to her profession because she know better than me when it comes to dental matters.

While she is boring my right upper teeth, it seems that the tool she used to bore accidentally pushed deeper which I shouted for so much pain, I could feel it bleeding. It happened again in the right upper teeth but not much as painful as what had happened on the left. I suffered for 3 days which I could not really eat my regular meal. I could only drink milk and soft cooked rice “lugaw” because I could not chew any food. Every time when I start to chew, I could fell like my whole bones is moving, a strange feeling which I could not understand “NGEELOO” and it bothered me much so I came back to the clinic after 3 days and Dr. Mae make some adjustment for my teeth. I still suffer the same for another 5 days so I came back again and she replaced the “Teeth-Pasta” with another one and I fell lesser pain in the upper right portion, that point I could start chewing soft cooked meat and soft rice with less suffering of “Ngeelooo” and she said it’s alright I will just have to wait for 3 months and the teeth will turn back to normal. The left portion still so “ngeeloo” when I chew so I just let it that way for my expectation that after 3 months it will turn back to normal but until now there is no development for better. My teeth didn’t turn back to normal, I could not chew well, and I could not eat hard food.

Its more than 5 months now (December 18, 2009) but I could not still eat well. It affects me much. I could not eat the food I used to eat before; the “Ngeelooo” is still there. I am getting thin and it lost my appetite because if I will eat I would feel tired chewing using my right portion teeth only and it feels a bit painful if I will keep using it. I am aware that if I won’t chew the food very well, it could cause future problems for my digestions. The effect of their Oral Prophylaxis and Teeth-pasta done by Dr. Mae is really bad to my health. I could not be as healthy as I am before.

I don’t want to conclude but I care for all OFW who undergone their medical examination in such clinic because they did the same procedure to other OFWs; my sister who is in Taiwan now encountered the same. They advice my sister for oral prophylaxis and teeth-pasta with them but I stop my sister from having their Oral prophylaxis and Teeth-pasta services and advice her to visit and consult other dental clinic and the comment of the other dentist is; they could not make any teeth-Pasta because my sister’s teeth doesn’t have any cavity and they need to bore the teeth just to do it. I don’t want to make a negative conclusion for the aforementioned medical clinic but it seems that they do it just for money and money purposes only and I could not let this to keep happening to all OFW of what I have suffered now.

I have an attached document containing the San Marcelino Medical Clinic information.


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An EX-OFW Accountant who were making a walked in submission of application for FIRST MAGELLAN Accountant Job opportunities for Papua New Guinea was really disgusted after travelling in a heavy traffic highway of Manila then were just advised to go home by an information center staff by saying “Sorry , that job has been filled out recently”.

The applicant could not believe that that job would be filled out after a matter of hours when it was posted at an online job site. It was posted April 14, 2009 and he visited the office of First Magellan on the following day and got that sad reply. The vacancy is looking for 50 Accountants for Papua New Guinea. An Australian owned Construction Company who wants to hire Filipino Accountants.

Because of his doubt of the information staff, He go home and call the FIRST MAGELLAN and got a nice reply saying, oh, We madly need Accountant Applicants because the Australian Employer is coming very soon to conduct an interview. With that positive reply, he feels very happy for his long time desire to work in Papua New Guinea or Australia.

My comment to the Management of First Magellan, is Please check you Information staff whether she is doing her job or tired and want to rest.

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JENERICK International Manpower Caters Employers practicing Slavery to Filipinos in Bahrain

How are you going to define Slavery?

Check the exact definition of Slavery from Microsoft Encarta 2007.

slav•er•y [sláyvəree]
1. system based on enslaved labor: the practice of, or a system based on, using the enforced labor of other people

2. condition of being enslaved laborer: the state or condition of being held in involuntary servitude as the property of somebody else

3. hard work: very hard work, especially for low pay and under bad conditions

4. state of being dominated: a state of being completely dominated by another
Microsoft® Encarta® 2007. © 1993-2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

It was April 18, 2009, Saturday were 1 on an aspiring OFW applied for a certain position at the Jenerick International Manpower, Inc located at Dian corner Casino St., Palanan Makati . An aspiring OFW reported us with a lot of incredulity after being faced in a panel interview with a Bahrain National as a representative of a certain recruitment agency in Bahrain.

Since the said aspiring OFW is new in the overseas career, it is still the time of observing about overseas job interview for the second time which not even given a chance to explain their part, their experience and their wants but right-away given the following information:

• The salary is Fixed (The salary is very low)
• 6 days a week (work)
• No overtime pay at any work or any load given to an OFW how long he/she would stay at night just to finished the job (This is a simple, basic form of slavery)
• If the 2 year job contract would not be completed, the OFW would be charged for all expenses from VISA Processing to plane tickets spent for them
• No food allowance

First and foremost is from being far from your family. Do you think that it is okay for you to have a very low salary, uncompensated at your most effort, and work in a very hot weather country, high risk from abused (sexually or job related), discrimination, with very hard work, overload, at no pay?

Based in our survey, Filipino working overseas are fast learner, very dependable, hard-working, good multi-tasker, and naturally born skillful and smart. Because of this, it would be supposed to be a big thing to be considerer by an employer to give value this kind of employees but instead were being abused in a form of slavery.

It such termed as slavery for qualifying the following issues:

1. Low salary

2. Very Heavy work opposite from what had been stated in the contract, overworked, underpaid.

3. Contracted to a certain job position with a certain salary amount but will work overload without overtime pay to more than one (1) job functions. This is a form of abusing the skills and capability of an OFW without giving any incriminations and incentives.

4. As a good worker with a high rate of Efficiency and Effectiveness, he/she must be compensated for being far from the family considering the emotions, longingness of the family, stress and family stability risks issues

5. The Bahrain is part of the Middle-East where the climate is not a healthful climate to a human being for being having so hot temperature mostly resulting to heat stroke.
6. The risk of the OFW must be considered also especially many issues that Filipino men and women are raped in many parts of the Middle-East. ( so the risk here is very high)

The aspiring OFW reported to us for his/her worry that some of the women were accepted the offer just to have work without thinking the high risk place where they would heading through.

Now if this Jenerick Agency is thinking for the well of their fellow Filipino, then why did they cater this kind of employer? Are they just thinking of Money, Money and Money to have commission after selling other Filipinos abroad at low price?

I hope the Jenerick will think of this many times before doing this again.. If you cater employer practicing slavery then, you must be liable to the victims and you must faced the violations from the Law of the PHILIPPINES you made for allowing those events to happen.

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KOUGEN International Promotion require and immediate GAMCA medical exam even without employer yet?

An applicant of the KOUGEN International Promotion, a Philippine Base Recruitment Agency located in Jeorge Bacobo St., Malate, Manila is complaining about the system of the KOUGEN.

A new OFW aspirant emails us and talks to us personally for his complain. He is a first timer to work abroad and without any employer yet, the KOUGEN required the applicant’s GAMCA medical examination and its about 2 months were in the KOUGEN is still marketing his profile to any Saudi base recruitment agencies and companies to find him an employer.

This system of KOUGEN is really a big foul! They make the applicant spend money for unsure employment opportunities. If the medical validity will expired, the applicant will spend again for another Phase 1 and 2 amounting to Php 3,000.00 (Three Thousand Philippine Peso) or more

This is so terrible. Applicant, you must have to know more about this. Be careful.

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LWV Construction Corporation sue to most of their hired employee for KSA with a baseless case

LWV Construction Corporation is a recruitment agency based in the Philippines who were hiring Filipinos to work under MMG Mohammad Al Mojil Group of Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They are one of the biggest recruitment agency sending almost 20 thousand Filipinos with a very low salary to MMG, in Saudi Arabia.

There are a lot of theories, why MMG is kept on changing employees. In the modern management system it is an indicator that the Management is isn’t good. Simply to say, the MMG Mohammad Al Mojil Group of Dammam, Saudi Arabia has a poor management system, low benefits and most of the events are unfavorable to the employees.

There were issues arises that the LWV Construction is keep on suing thousands of employees who refuses to return back to their client in Saudi Arabia. Those cases are given effort by our researcher and we have some copies of the demand of the LWV construction.

We have interviewed several OFW from MMG Mohammad Al Mojil Group of Saudi Arabia and they are exposing their sacrifices under the company;

1. Their Salary is very low compared to the other companies in Saudi Arabia who were hiring Filipinos.

2. Their salary bracket is at usually Php 10,000.00 to 13,000.00 (Ten Thousand to Thirteen Thousand Philippine Peso) - for Ordinary OFW (a salary rate which is usually given to most Filipinos working within the Philippines. – I want to make comment that this rate is a form of Slavery for OFW. A very low salary level.)

3. They were always received criticism from other Filipinos who work in a smaller company but receiving a higher pay than them. ( Pare Tanga ka ba? Ang baba nyan, tinanggap mo?)

4. They have so many works than other nationals but their salary is bigger even though they just have the same level job position. (well, where is the Philippine Negotiator or the Authorities concerned to give value to Filipino laborers and be treated as Expatriates)

5. They were discriminated and treated as TCN or Third Countries Nationals in the same level with Sri Lanka, Bangladeshi, Nepali, Indonesian and Vietnamese. (How are they going to be compared the Literacy of Filipinos with American Standard Education to those other countries mentioned?)

6. Their food is included in the package but the served food is unhealthy, dirty, and not delicious.

a. They called it as “UNHEALTHY FOOD” because 3 times a day, the food being served is chicken, beef, and chicken. No vegetables, very oily, and they always suffered indigestions.

b. The food is “DIRTY” because many times were they found a “band aid” included in the served food. (wow! Band aid? Included in the serving? So terrible)

c. Not delicious because the taste is not suit for the taste of Filipinos. ( they even called it as food for the pig)

7. The comfort room in their accommodation is very dirty. The stools would be floating at the back of their respective CR and just adjacent to their kitchen.

LWV Construction demands in their cases versus their employees

1. A demand for direct payment to them for the VISA amounting to Php 20,000.00 (Twenty Thousand Philippine Peso)

To make it fare, we conducted a research of the right amount of the VISA but it is only SAR 200.00 (Two Hundred Saudi Riyal) for Exit and Exit-re entry VISA. Or a Php 2,000.00 (Two Thousand Pesos more or less)
- This is very clear that the LWV Construction is making money out of this
- Is this a second illegal business of the LWV Construction?
- Our proof for this amount was even emailed to us by a certain named “Gilbert ******” in the passporting department of MMG Mohammad Al Mojil group in Saudi Arabia stating that the Exit re-entry VISA is only SAR 200.00 (Two Hundred Saudi Riyal)

2. LWV Construction accuses their non-returning employees for “Breach of Contract”

We conducted surveys about this issue and we found out that the LWV Construction is telling a lie. Simply to say LWV Construction is a LIAR. We have compiled several copies of the non returning employees with their job contract and it is only 1 year renewable job contract.

- Why does the LWV Construction sue their non-returning employee for “Breach of Contract”? It is very clear according the Law and Obligation of Contract in the Philippines that any contract which not yet renewed, no proof of renewal, and unsigned will not constitute a breach of contract to the other party. And the non-returning employees didn’t sign any contract yet. Yet they finished the 1 year contract and they don’t want to renew it anymore because of the reasons they stated above.

3. Ticket booking amounting to $ 600.00 (Six Hundred US Dollar) which they demanded to their non-returning OFW.

Common logic! If you were the employer and your employee has finished their 1 year contract, are you going to buy ticket for them to returned to Saudi Arabia even if he/she did not renew his contract yet?
- In this Case the LWV Construction is demanding for payment to them for such amount. Do you think it is valid or a reliable demand? This is very impossible. Maybe this is another illegal business of LWV Construction
- If this is true also in the other hand, then we could say that indeed MMG Mohammad Al Mojil Group, of Saudi Arabia has a poor Management System for buying tickets to their employees which don’t have any assurance yet for returning back. A bit Crazy system would be.


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PRINCIPALIA Management & Personnel Consultants, Inc - Reklamo email not effective? or hinahack para ma delete ang complains

An EX-OFW emailed us for his anger after preparing a very perfect look for the interview at Pricipalia for their VOLVO Company – Qatar but arrived at PRINCIPALIA with nothing.

According to him, he was invited by a named “DALIAH” of PRINCIPALIA for an interview with an Employer from VOLVO CO. – QATAR for a certain date but when He visited the PRINCIPALIA office, the information just informed him that the Interview was postponed.

He felt to be exploding after waiting for 1 hour to be accommodated in PRINCIPALIA then just got the bad news!

My Comment to Ms DALIAH, please next time don’t let your applicants steps at your lobby and wait for so long then you will informed that the interview is postponed. You must have to call or text them. With a complete information, including your name and your Company.

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SUNWAY International Manpower Services is posting a Job vacancy online even though there is no real JOB

One of the OFW applicants emailed us (our email address would be found below) for his shit experience with SUNWAY International Manpower Services. He came from Pampanga a remote province from metro Manila. He inquires about the job posting of SUNWAY international in an online overseas jobsite, were he was advices to visit to SUNWAY office for a particular date for his interview.

He traveled from the province to Manila just for the said job opportunity but when he arrived at SUNWAY office, he was really disgusted to know after a very short interview of almost 1 minute by a staff of SUNWAY saying “ah okay, thank you for coming, we will just email or call you if there would be a job vacancy related to your field”.

He really forced to stop his anger while inside and open it to us.

Well, if you think to travel from the province for the invitation for interview and just heard 1 sentence information from the staff, you would explode! Thinking of the money you spent for transportation and documents they required. It’s really terrible. SUNWAY! You are foul!


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