Monday, December 21, 2009

LWV Construction Corporation sue to most of their hired employee for KSA with a baseless case

LWV Construction Corporation is a recruitment agency based in the Philippines who were hiring Filipinos to work under MMG Mohammad Al Mojil Group of Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They are one of the biggest recruitment agency sending almost 20 thousand Filipinos with a very low salary to MMG, in Saudi Arabia.

There are a lot of theories, why MMG is kept on changing employees. In the modern management system it is an indicator that the Management is isn’t good. Simply to say, the MMG Mohammad Al Mojil Group of Dammam, Saudi Arabia has a poor management system, low benefits and most of the events are unfavorable to the employees.

There were issues arises that the LWV Construction is keep on suing thousands of employees who refuses to return back to their client in Saudi Arabia. Those cases are given effort by our researcher and we have some copies of the demand of the LWV construction.

We have interviewed several OFW from MMG Mohammad Al Mojil Group of Saudi Arabia and they are exposing their sacrifices under the company;

1. Their Salary is very low compared to the other companies in Saudi Arabia who were hiring Filipinos.

2. Their salary bracket is at usually Php 10,000.00 to 13,000.00 (Ten Thousand to Thirteen Thousand Philippine Peso) - for Ordinary OFW (a salary rate which is usually given to most Filipinos working within the Philippines. – I want to make comment that this rate is a form of Slavery for OFW. A very low salary level.)

3. They were always received criticism from other Filipinos who work in a smaller company but receiving a higher pay than them. ( Pare Tanga ka ba? Ang baba nyan, tinanggap mo?)

4. They have so many works than other nationals but their salary is bigger even though they just have the same level job position. (well, where is the Philippine Negotiator or the Authorities concerned to give value to Filipino laborers and be treated as Expatriates)

5. They were discriminated and treated as TCN or Third Countries Nationals in the same level with Sri Lanka, Bangladeshi, Nepali, Indonesian and Vietnamese. (How are they going to be compared the Literacy of Filipinos with American Standard Education to those other countries mentioned?)

6. Their food is included in the package but the served food is unhealthy, dirty, and not delicious.

a. They called it as “UNHEALTHY FOOD” because 3 times a day, the food being served is chicken, beef, and chicken. No vegetables, very oily, and they always suffered indigestions.

b. The food is “DIRTY” because many times were they found a “band aid” included in the served food. (wow! Band aid? Included in the serving? So terrible)

c. Not delicious because the taste is not suit for the taste of Filipinos. ( they even called it as food for the pig)

7. The comfort room in their accommodation is very dirty. The stools would be floating at the back of their respective CR and just adjacent to their kitchen.

LWV Construction demands in their cases versus their employees

1. A demand for direct payment to them for the VISA amounting to Php 20,000.00 (Twenty Thousand Philippine Peso)

To make it fare, we conducted a research of the right amount of the VISA but it is only SAR 200.00 (Two Hundred Saudi Riyal) for Exit and Exit-re entry VISA. Or a Php 2,000.00 (Two Thousand Pesos more or less)
- This is very clear that the LWV Construction is making money out of this
- Is this a second illegal business of the LWV Construction?
- Our proof for this amount was even emailed to us by a certain named “Gilbert ******” in the passporting department of MMG Mohammad Al Mojil group in Saudi Arabia stating that the Exit re-entry VISA is only SAR 200.00 (Two Hundred Saudi Riyal)

2. LWV Construction accuses their non-returning employees for “Breach of Contract”

We conducted surveys about this issue and we found out that the LWV Construction is telling a lie. Simply to say LWV Construction is a LIAR. We have compiled several copies of the non returning employees with their job contract and it is only 1 year renewable job contract.

- Why does the LWV Construction sue their non-returning employee for “Breach of Contract”? It is very clear according the Law and Obligation of Contract in the Philippines that any contract which not yet renewed, no proof of renewal, and unsigned will not constitute a breach of contract to the other party. And the non-returning employees didn’t sign any contract yet. Yet they finished the 1 year contract and they don’t want to renew it anymore because of the reasons they stated above.

3. Ticket booking amounting to $ 600.00 (Six Hundred US Dollar) which they demanded to their non-returning OFW.

Common logic! If you were the employer and your employee has finished their 1 year contract, are you going to buy ticket for them to returned to Saudi Arabia even if he/she did not renew his contract yet?
- In this Case the LWV Construction is demanding for payment to them for such amount. Do you think it is valid or a reliable demand? This is very impossible. Maybe this is another illegal business of LWV Construction
- If this is true also in the other hand, then we could say that indeed MMG Mohammad Al Mojil Group, of Saudi Arabia has a poor Management System for buying tickets to their employees which don’t have any assurance yet for returning back. A bit Crazy system would be.


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Anonymous said...

Yeah,what was stated above is absolutely husband works in this company (Mohammad Al Mojil Group)for almost 9 years w/low salary rate basing his position as a Gen.Foreman from 2007 up to the present,he only earns $665 a month w/c is not suitable for his position.Napilitan lang po sa pagbalik dahil walang choice coz we have 5 kids to send in school and i am jobless.It's so hard to get a job abroad at sana mataasan naman ang rate ng sahod sa kompanyang ito.I'm sure mataas naman ang bigay ng MMG at nasa LWV ang deperensya,pinagkaperahan ng LWV ang mga OFW lalo na ang mga first timer at yong wala ng choice....sana naman makonsensya ang may ari ng LWV...Pinoy din po kayo ma'am/sir....walang sulutan!......sana po bigyan ito ng pansin sa ating mga kinauukulan lalo na sa OWWA at POEA....

Anonymous said...

Ay naku! huwag kayo mag pa biktima sa LWV na yan... hihire yan ng tao napaka baba ng sweldo ang bigat ng trabaho..

Ibibinta lang kayo don sa abroad kaya hwag na...

Anonymous said...

hay naku auko sn mgreklamo kc almost 14 years na husband ko sa mmg pero nakakainip talaga ang promotion at salary increas.matyga lng tlg husband ko pero nagsasawa na din sya.hope that there will be better future in mmg.

Anonymous said...

nasa mga superintendent din ang mga problema dito sa mmg pagdating sa salary promotion ang alam lang nila ay magpatrabaho ng sobra at sarili lang ang iniisip di nila ipush sa head office ang salary increase at promotion nila,sila mga superintendent at mga head naka 2 increanse na pero mga tao nila la padin until now,tas dipa ipush ng lwv na itaas sahod ng mga dinadala nila mas mahalaga ang kita nila kesa kapakanan ng mga tao,mas matataas pa ang mga sahod ng new hired sa mga matatagal na dito

Anonymous said...

Now Mohammad al mojil group salary is good because new hire people have good salary and company is increasing salary of all employee, philippino management is good in MMG, but in human resourses department there is one indian( indiano, hindi) MANISH PUSHPARAJA AMIN with badge number 22344, is not good because he dont solve the problems of workers, he give more problems to workers, if anybody will go his office he will give him more problems, even any philipino or indian or pakistani, manish will give them more problem, manish is in human resourses department but he is not solving problems and giving more problems to workers, manish is looking very innocent but inside very bad, mostly people abuses hime when people talk about HR, manish is HR in rabigh sepco III project, if any philippino or saudi manager is reading this message please take action and immidiatley terminate manish and give another HR officer philippino or saudi, who will be good with all employees of MMG, we all will pray for u if u will terminate manish, if any MMG manager is reading this message please visit in sepco projict rabigh and ask about manish from any worker he will not say manish is good HR, please take action soon and terminate hom from company immidiately as soon as possible, thanks

Anonymous said...

Puro paasa nalang ang sa amin dito na tagtratrabaho na may increase almost 4yrs na ako d2 wala man lng increase maskin singko LWV lng naman na agency ang mababa ang sahod at yumayaman ang mga tao ang lugi hirap sa trbaho hindi worted ang sweldo. . . mr. utilized.

Anonymous said...

eto naman saken 14 years na sa MMG ang tatay ko at ngayon Gen.Foreman na sya ok naman ang sahud kaso these past few days delayed ang sahod hanggang sa kataposan ng buwan

Anonymous said...

wala sa ayos ang sahod sa mmg nagincreas sila hindi lahat inincreasan,ang mga matatagal na sa companya ay yun pa ang mga wala increas,tapos nag hire sila mas malaki pa sa hod nila kaysa yung mga datihan.dapat makita nila ito na hndi maganda ang nangyayari na sa companya

Anonymous said...

mga buwaya ang mga accounting sa mmg,mga overtime ng mga tao kinukuratong,kasabwat ang manager doon kya nagkautang utang ang mmg dahil mga buaya cila

Anonymous said...

Ngayon may inrease na nman dw hehe kuno..kasi nkikita at nararamdaman nila na marami na ang nag eexit sana totoo nman hindi puro lason na lng hehe ako exit na rin almost 5yrs na aq sa mmg 50sr lng ang nadagdag na sahod samantalang ang mga new hire ang taas ng sahod.grbe ang pulitika dto daig pa sa pinas hehe pag hindi ka malakas sa head office TAE ka..

Anonymous said...

Hirap na Mmg bumangon pah..dming tambay sa camp 2 jubail....exit at vacationist.. Sna mtulungan cila ng government ntin para mkauwe na.

sheamaximo said...

paano po ba matutulungan ang mga fil workers dto..biktima po ang father ko ngayon..they experience same problems..ayaw cla pauwiin.. PLEASE HELP

sheamaximo said...

i need help yung father ko employeed sa kanila hindi daw sila pinapayagang makauwe matagal na niyang gustong umuwi

sheamaximo said...

i need help yung father ko employeed sa kanila hindi daw sila pinapayagang makauwe matagal na niyang gustong umuwi

Anonymous said...

Hirap n tlaga kmi d2 s mmg mbaba n ang sweldo pngit p ang pgkain delay p ang shod pti xct ska mgba2kasyon d mkauwi dhil wlang shod.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kabayan/Friends it is good if you want to work in Saudi Arabia but let me explain of my experience while I was there.
I been worked in Mohammed Al Zoaibi Corporation Dammam Saudi Arabia “MAZCO” 10 years but I have bitter experience because everyone is boss in Mazco Dammam office specially a Sudani and a Kerala guy which ware working as clerk and accountant some time Mazco is not paying 3 months of their employee’s salaries but the office staff are enjoying.
Mazco have managers without power. Mazco walampera.
You will suffer in Mazco if you want to go on your schedule vacation especially for ticket, pending Salaries, and other benefits.
So, dear friends if you want to work in petrochemical try to direct hire not through sub contractor but if you will not find chance for direct hire then go to Dar Al Riyad, Sraco, Eram engineering, Jal International and so on, but beware of Mazco he is a commission agent like a pimp some time they ate your all money.
Best of luck
Jose Camilon

Anonymous said...

Received from my inbox and tend not to reply after reading your comments.To be safe and not to be next victim......

Dear Candidates,
We Mohammed Al- Zoabi Corp is a Technical Service Support Company for all SABIC/ ARAMCO/ SEC and their affiliates/ JV’s. We are contributing highly skilled Technical Service to Saudi’s petrochemical, oil and gas sector under our projects. We have the below positions open. We look forward for the below.
Position : - Admin Assistant
Salary : - According to the efficiency and experience, but will not exceed 5000 SR /-
Status : - Single/ family
Nationality : - Filipino
Gender : - Male only.
Location : - Saudi Arabia
Minimum Experience: - 3 yrs. .

If you or your friends are interested do send us CV on with the subject Admin Assistant. Last date of CV acceptance shall be 25 December 2013.
Please try to send the cv’s in word document. Also fill the following details and attach on the top of the CV

sherwin said...

nababaned ba talaga mga hindi na bumabalik sa saudi sa MMG?

Nerry Lucban said...

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