Monday, December 21, 2009

Recruitment Agency must show these to be fair

Before making interview or job posting to any online website about the Job opportunities; the recruitment agency must have to show the following;

Name of the Employer: _______________________________

Address or Country of the employer: ___________________

Job Position available: _______________________________

The Salary rate: ____________________________________

Other Benefits: ____________________________________

It is a non valid reason to say that, the recruitment agency has no knowledge of how much is the salary rate because they make it as bases of their placement fee in cash or salary deduction methods. If the employer wont unleashed the salary rate then most probable this employer is “Barat” and practicing some form of slavery to OFW. This must be clear.

I some cases, they employer would be possible to say an amount or a bracket depending to the applicant’s job experiences but it would be open to the public so that the applicant might have time to decide if he/she will come to the interview or not. Because as what had happen to most recruitment agency is to make hidden about the salary rate, just to make the applicants come for the interview which is unfair. With today’s crisis, the Valued OFW must be given impartiality because they help Philippines to keep standing in the midst of crisis with their dollar remittances. And during the interview process, it is unfair to all PFW to spend money and documents as requirement for the interview then end to nothing because the offer is below what they are expected. The rate is for the “Slaves”.

The DFA, POEA and other government authorities must have to act on this issue. Because this is very unfair to OFW applicants. And the Philippine Government must protect his people against this simple form of Slavery to the OFWs abroad.


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