Saturday, July 2, 2011

AFP will buy 6 New Fighter Jets to defend the Archipelagic Islands – Spratlys


Italy's M-346 - Price = € 20 Million Euros (Each)

Korea's TA-50 Golden Eagle - Price = $ 21 Million US Dollars (Each)

Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) military plans to acquire six jet fighters for interdiction missions against intruders into Philippine waters and air space, Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said (July 1, 2011).

"We're giving so much priority to our internal security operations, but lately the equation has shifted because we realize we've also to assess our external defense capability," Gazmin told reporters at the sidelines of the Air Force's 64th anniversary celebrations.

Armed Forces chief Gen. Eduardo Oban Jr. said senior military officials had recommended an initial six multi-role planes to be acquired within the term of President Benigno Aquino III.

He said the Air Force was looking at either Korea's TA-50 Golden Eagle or Italy's M-346, and depending on their arms and in-flight instrumentation would cost about P1 billion each.

The Air Force retired its last seven F5 fighter jets in 2005 after having been in service for 40 years.

Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario, meanwhile, said President Aquino's planned visit to China did not mean the Philippines was backing down from its assertions Chinese forces had been intruding on Philippine waters.

The Philippines claims that Chinese forces intruded at least nine times into Manila-claimed areas in the Spratly Islands since February, allegations that sparked an exchange of diplomatic protests and verbal jabs. Mr. Aquino has strongly criticized China, saying two weeks ago that his country would not be bullied by China in the disputed region.

The presidential trip would likely take place in late August or early September, Del Rosario said.

The Spratlys, a chain of barren, largely uninhabited islands, reefs and banks in the South China Sea, are claimed wholly by China, Taiwan and Vietnam and partly by the Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei. The islands are believed to be atop vast oil and gas deposits.

Chinese Ambassador Liu Jianchao has denied his government committed any intrusions, but acknowledged that Chinese vessels were exercising Beijing's sovereign rights in one incident at the Reed Bank near the Spratlys. Philippine officials complained the Chinese vessels harassed a local oil exploration ship into leaving the Reed Bank in March.

Just before he traveled last week to Washington, Del Rosario said he was told that the military was verifying another foreign intrusion into the Spratlys area.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton gave strong assurances that the US was committed to the defense of the Philippines, and would provide affordable weaponry amid mounting tensions in the Spratlys, Del Rosario said.

He said he separately gave US defense officials a list of equipment the Philippines needed to improve its capability to monitor foreign intrusions in its territorial waters near the Spratlys.

Clinton assured del Rosario that the US would honor its 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty with the Philippines that calls on each country to help defend the other against an external attack by an aggressor in their territories or in the Pacific region, he said.

Del Rosario said he told US officials that if the Philippines received defense equipment, "we become a stronger ally for you



Anonymous said...

tanong ko lang po kailan po tau magkakaroon ng figther jets,ang sabi 2011 may figther jet na tau e mag 2012 na wla pa rin..baka pangako lang yan..???

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gazmin said we've realize its not that the he must to say no realizing it is the fact that you have the mandate to protect the sovereignty mr Gazmin every citizen of this country they have responsibility to protect the nation integrity and sovereignty. you don't have right to say we've if you are a leader the first priority of your task is depend the country into intruders as what other countries did.Malaysia only 45 years of independence from colonizer but they priority the sovereign state as well singapore.No doubt in the Philippines every corner of the country politicizing, in the long run you see what happen to the territory somebody encroach nobody knows,please bear in mind you have the population of 100million people and look at your could you depend the country of aging armaments? Veitnam country they prioritize the defense policy now look at them hindi po nakukuha sa yabang and pag depensa sa karagatan ng bansa napakaraming smuggler hindi nahuhuli dahil inuuna pa ang bulsa bago seguridad, unahin ninyo ang depensa at makikita ninyo napakaraming investor ang darating sa bansa upang magnegosyo pag security tough.

Anonymous said...

my father is a retired PAF soldier assigned in 5th FW,BAB,sutable fighter plane 4 us is a multirole bird like the F16 for example.the question is,can our government can afford to acquire a 1 squadron of this fighter?

Anonymous said...

sana F-16c/d ung na bili ni para may sniping ung jet, suggest ko lng po, sana mag develop na lng ung bansa natin, dyan namn po ang US para supportahan tau. kahit paunti-unti lng..tayo lng kac nakita ng china nawalang mga gamit pangdigma kaya tau ang pinapag-tripan nila. sana sa mga corupt na tau. maka realize sana sila estado na atin bansa ngaun at maawa sila sa taong bayan..

Anonymous said...

Yes we can buy, and we have pilots who can fly the F-16's. However flying is a lot different from having a certain level of proficiency with its use. Although I am all for the F-16's however, the purchase of an advanced training platform prior would allow our to gain a certain level of training required before they fly say the F-16.

And for me why buy the F-16 I'd prefer the Jaz Grippen ( over the F-16 due to the 3000 USD per hour of flight as opposed to the F-16 with I think rates at above 5000 per hour of flight.

The brand new F-16 cost around 55 M USD as for the grippens 60 M USD. the per hour of flight is very important since it adds to the limited budget of our air force.

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